Help & Entry Rules

Close date 11pm 5th May 2017

The rules

  • The Auto Trader Click Awards welcomes entries from supermarkets, franchise and independent dealers. Any individual or organisation who is nominated must highlight a project execution or strategy that was launched or carried out between March 2016 and March 2017.
  • Supporting content must be submitted in the following formats only: PDF/MS Word/PowerPoint/MP3. Supporting content such as links and videos etc. must be included within the entry itself.  
  • Entries are only accepted via the Self Nomination form. Please do not send your entry via email or hard copy.
  • If you are submitting content that is password protected please provide the log-in details as we will not be able to contact organisations with questions regarding their entry due to time constraints.
  • All entry materials will be retained by Auto Trader on a strictly confidential basis. The information provided will be disclosed to the Judging Panel however summaries of all winning entries will be included on the Auto Trader Click Awards website and used for press releases. Therefore, we ask you to please review your entry and ensure all the of the information and data are factually correct as we will not be able to make any changes made after publication.
  • If there is any specific information you would not like to be disclosed, please highlight this in your entry so we can ensure this is only made visible to our Judging Panel. Decisions by the Judging Panel are final.


Advice when entering awards

  • Proof read proof read proof read: Typos give Judges an excuse to view your work with the wrong impression so get a colleague (or two) to read over your entry and ensure everything is spelt correctly and reads well.
  • Keep it simple: Our Judging Panel will be reviewing many entries so keeping it concise, simple and clear will make their job easier and thus make your entry more memorable.
  • Stick to your story: When it comes to justification be concise - the most successful nominations have clear narratives and focus on answering the key questions: What did they do? How did they do it? What were the results/impact from this and how did they fit the initial projects objectives? Avoid sticking in data or information in that isn’t relevant to the project’s objective as this can be harmful. Providing the right context and following the criteria of the award is likely to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Be persuasive and creative: This is a competition after all - use convincing and persuasive language and create a unique picture of your nominee. The Judging Panel are relying on your words to get them excited and engaged with your work and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to be creative and detailed when demonstrating your examples so the Judging Panel can see why your nomination is outstanding and deserves this recognition.

File upload

Maximum file size of 10MB per file. We can not except: .html, .exe, .dll, .php, .php3 or .phps